Jabrill Peppers – Scouting Report


  • Amazing athlete
  • Dangerous in the open field, great vision and agility
  • Good NFL size for many positions
  • Very versatile, can cover, block shed, set the edge, etc although does not do them all great


  • Poor tackler in the open field, opponents make him miss far too often. Does not always breakdown and use technique.
  • Lacks awareness, gets lost in plays and makes the wrong reads in the running game


Was not asked to cover a lot in College, he was mostly used for QB spy and was left to roam free. Which is a smart move considering his athletic ability and lack of awareness. But it does make me wonder if he has the coverage ability to be a top pick in the NFL. A team will have to draft Peppers with a good plan in mind for his talents. If not, you will see him struggle to fit in the NFL. I doubt he will project as a linebacker as some are arguing, but instead as a strong safety in a certain scheme that allows him to be more free. Yet, his skilled could be transferred to offense very easily to running back or receiver. It will be interesting to see where Peppers fits on a NFL roster..

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